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Ratings (#1030)
USPC Safety Packet (#2215)
USPC Rules for Quiz 2004 (#2001)
Rules: Current rulebooks for all disciplines
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Horse Management Handbook (#2000A)
USPC Foxhunting Reminders (#2130)
Wadsworth’s Riding to Hounds in America
Usborne: Complete Guide to Riding and
Pony Care (#2275)
Usborne: Book of Horses & Ponies (#8068)
Dressage tests (#6002)
British Manual of Horsemanship (#2182)
C1 and C2:
All of the above plus:
Safe Horse – Safe Rider (#2180)
Centered Riding (#2119)
Grooming to Win (#2123)
Teaching Safe Horsemanship (#2181)
Teaching the Child Rider (#8121)
USPC Manual of Horsemanship- C Level
USPC Standards of Proficiency for C Level
USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground
Training (#1370)
USPC Guide to Bandaging (#1371)
USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement
and Soundness (#1372)
Progressive School Exercise For Dressage
and Jumping (#6073)
Vernon: The Allen Illustrated Guide to Bits
and Bitting (#2004)
Allen’s Illustrated Guide to Horse Clothing

The WDHPC maintains a small "library" of materials & information. The following are the contents of reading or viewing materials:

USPC Conformation, Movement & Soundness Book

USPC Loungeing & Ground Training Book

Pony Club Quiz Book No. 2 Book

Rooney's Video Guide to Lameness Video

Pony Club Mounted Games - Video

Flash Cards Common Diseases & Unsoundness

Cavalletti (Schooling of horse & rider over ground rails) (book)

Standards & Rating clinic Part 1: The Standard - Video

When Should the Vet? Part I - Video

USPC Experience Something Special - Video

A Guide to Plant Poisoning - DVD

Eventing for Newcomers - DVD

Balance in Movement (The Seat of the Rider) - DVD

USPC Guide to Successful Loungeing - Video

USPC Video Guide to the C-3 Standard - Video

Understanding Bits - Video

USPC Everytime…Every Ride - Video
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A complete list of all USPC forms and guides
Horse Management
Show Jumping

All material from previous column plus:
Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement
Thinking Riding, Vol. 1 (#2162)
Practical Dressage Manual (#6060)
Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants
Understanding Equine Medicines (#7062)
Horse Foot Care (#7041)
Allen’s Illustrated Guide to Training Aids
A Guide to plant poisoning of animals in
North America (#2278)
Manual of Horsemanship UK (#2182)
Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement
Thinking Riding, Vol. 1 (#2162)
Practical Dressage Manual (#6060)
Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants
Understanding Equine Medicines (#7062)
Horse Foot Care (#7041)
Allen’s Illustrated Guide to Training Aids
A Guide to plant poisoning of animals in
North America (#2278)
Manual of Horsemanship UK (#2182)
All of the above plus:
USPC Manual of Horsemanship, Vol. III
USPC Standard of Proficiency for B Rating
Determining the Age of a Horse (#2124)
Handbook of Riding Essentials (#2126)
Feeding and Care of the Horse (#2160)
Thinking Riding, Vol. II (#2163)
Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses
Schooling Exercises for Flatwork and
Jumping (#5530)
No Foot No Horse (#2257)
Solo Schooling (#3046)
Conformation & Performance (#2038)
All of the above plus:
USPC Guide to the A Standard (#1000)
The Equine Body (#7083)
Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy (#7010)
A Photographic Guide to Conformation

This section is primarly for those pony clubber who are at the point when they are are ready to teach / instructor younger pony club members. These are guidelines, and may be adjusted as you feel necessary, to fit your lesson plan.


Please note that these documents are original works and if used credit must be given to the author.

The instructional items listed below are from many sources and are PDF files created in Adobe 5.0. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. If you do not already have it, you can download Acrobat Reader from http://www.ponyclub.org/forms.php.   If you find an error in these documents, please contact Lynn Anthony-Miles, Instruction Services Director for the United States Pony Club, Inc.


Specially for D's!
 D Bandaging Lesson PlanLesson plan for teaching bandaging to D Pony Clubbers. (Barbara Fox, Southwest Region, 2003)
 Five basic forms of nutritionLesson Plan: Five basic forms of nutrition (Mary Wardrop, Mile Hi Pony Club)
 Horse colors and markingsLesson Plan: Horse colors and markings (Mary Wardrop, Mile Hi Pony Club, date unknown)
 Horseless Rally Lesson Plan: How to prepare Pony Clubbers for a horseless rally (K Ruelle, 2003)
 D Level Flatwork Lesson plans for D1, D2 and D3 level flatwork (Mary Wardrop, Mile Hi Pony Club)
 Lesson Plan #6Jumping Lesson Plan: Trot poles followed by small cross rail (author and date unknown)
 D Level JumpingLesson plans for D1, D2 and D3 level jumping (Mary Wardrop, Mile Hi Pony Club)
 Mount-DismountD1 Lesson Plan - How to Mount and Dismount
 Ring Figures
D2 Lesson Plan - Ring Figures For Better Control
Activity Ideas
 Activity Ideas #1Other Fun Ideas: nine ideas for unmounted Pony Club activities
 Making Pony Club FunFour great ideas to help make Pony Club fun. (Liz Tukey, 2003)
Basic Balanced Position
 The Balanced PositionFrom USPC News (Marilyn Yike, date and issue unknown)
Camps and Clinics
 Scavenger Hunt #1A fun scavenger hunt to have at a Pony Club camp (Carolyn Culbertson - Carolina Region, 2007)
 Camp Schedule #1Sample overall camp schedule (Big Sky Region, 2002)
 Teaching ClinicExplanation of clinic that was held to give upper level candidates a chance to plan and teach lesson and get feedback from experienced teachers. (Jakki Avery, Old Dominion Region)
 Standards and Ratings Clinic
Midwest Region Standards and Ratings Clinic entry and schedule (Midwest Region, 2006)
Games That Teach
 Pony Club Pledge GameA memorization and team building game to help members of all ages learn the USPC Pony Club Pledge. (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2005)
Ground Training: Handling, Leading and Longeing
 Longeing Worksheet #1Longeing worksheet that tests your knowledge of longeing.  (Liz Tukey, 2004)
 Longeing ExplainedLongeing terms and concepts explained (Liz Tukey, March 2004)
Horse Care and Management
 Bandaging and Travel Safety:
 Bandaging Worksheet
Bandaging Worksheet - answer key
A bandaging worksheet to be used with ?The USPC Guide To Bandaging Your Horse? by Susan E Harris. (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2005)
Answer key to bandaging worksheet. (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2005)
 Bandaging Suggestions & GuidelinesBandaging materials - answers to questions and suggestions. (Liz Tukey, 2003)
 Equine NutritionDiscussion of equine nutrition in rating preparation format (author and date unknown)
 Nutrition #4Lesson Plan: Which feeds provide the six classes of nutrients? (author and date unknown)
 ConditioningConditioning your horse for dressage, eventing and show jumping (author and date unknown)
 Colors, Conformation, Movement and Soundness:
 Blemishes and UnsoundnessesBlemishes and unsoundnesses explained (author and date unknown)
 Conformation and LamenessOutline that discusses lameness that might be associated with conformation faults (no author, no date)
 Points of the horseDiagram of points of the horse with answer key
 Seats of unsoundness and lameness #1
Seats of unsoundness and lameness #2  
Diagram of the seats of unsoundness and lameness with answer key
Diagram of the seats of unsoundness and lameness with separate worksheet and answer key
 Conformation and LamenessOutline of conformation and lameness  (author and date unknown)
 Conformation WorksheetC level conformation worksheet (Liz Tukey)
 Health Care and Veterinary Knowledge:
 The Foot and Shoeing:
 Stable Management:
 Toxic Plant FlashcardsInformation on plants toxic to horses, laid out in flashcard format with answer key (Tejas Pony Club, Rio Grand Region, date unknown)
Horse Management Instruction
 Helmet Fitting InformationHelmet fitting guidelines handout (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2006)
 Sample Regional HM SurveyA survey listing many good horse management topics to teach members (Maryland Region, date unknown)
 HM Activity IdeasIdeas for teaching horse management to the D1 through A members (date and author unknown)
Instruction: Mounted
 Horse and rider critique formHorse and rider critique in worksheet form with discussion of what to look for in horse (author and date unknown)
 Riding terms definedDefinitions of commonly used riding terms (Liz Tukey, March 2004)
 Ways to practice a dressage testHow many ways can you practice a dressage test? (Barbara Fox, Southwest Region)
 Rein aidsIllustrated discussion of five common rein aids (author and date unknown)
 Safety Checks:
 Pony Club Safety ChecksNew!  How to perform a safety check before a mounted meeting (Cynthia Medina, 2007)
 Simple trot grid lesson #1
Simple trot grid lesson #2
Lesson plans for teaching simple trot grids (Liz Tukey)
 Jumping Exercises - TurnsJumping exercises involving turns at the trot and canter (author and date unknown)
 D By The Numbers
D By The Numbers - answer key
A worksheet for D's where all the answers are numbers.  To be used with the 'USPC D Manual of Horsemanship' by Susan E Harris.  (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2005)
Answer key for the 'D By The Numbers' worksheet
. (Mary Waldman, Delmarva Region, 2005)
Rating Preparation
 Rating Prep Handout #1Rating questionnaire designed to help the candidate organize their thoughts. (Liz Tukey, Big Sky Region, 2003)
 Rating Prep Handout #2Suggestions for preparing candidates, club members and parents for ratings. (Liz Tukey, Big Sky Region, 2003)
 Preparing the A candidateA discussion of the philosophy behind preparing an A candidate (Sally Graburn)
 Sample lesson plan - unmountedBlank lesson plan outline for an unmounted lesson (Liz Tukey)
 Hints for teaching a lessonHelpful hints for teaching a lesson (Jan Nelson, date unknown)
 Sample lesson plan - mountedBlank lesson plan outline for a mounted lesson
 Teaching basicsTeaching basics and developing lesson plans
 How to teach a mounted lessonSuggestions in outline form of how to teach a mounted lesson (Liz Tukey, May 2002)
Upper Level Pony Clubbers
 Club programs Club programs for upper level Pony Clubbers (Liz Tukey, February 2002)