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Tips to Help Make Ratings a Success


Look at the Standard for the next rating level you would like to achieve and review the requirements. Take honest assessment of your current knowledge and your riding capabilities at this point in time. Is it realistic to expect that you can meet the following rating requirements:


                Learn the necessary stable management in sufficient detail

                Bandage properly

                Have your record book in top shape

                Have your riding at the appropriate level for the desired rating

                Tack spotlessly clean and in perfect repair

                Present a polished, neat, safe appearance at turnout

                Have a horse that is appropriate for your level and for use at the testing

                Have been active in your club, supporting younger members and attending club functions

                Have a ready-to-learn, mature and pleasant attitude (even when things go wrong)

                Have practiced, and practiced some more, answering the questions

                You are able to teach a lesson or skill if the rating so requires

                Have the confidence you need to pass the rating on the designated date


Remember: you must work with the Standards. They tell you exactly what you need to know. There should be no surprises. It does not just happen that you move up to the next rating. It requires work and effort. Sometimes those efforts are not always successful, but that may just mean you may need to study harder and try again. You are still a worthy and very valuable pony club member.


The Region and Club should offer several opportunities for you to obtain good instruction, geared towards helping you pass your rating. The rest is up to you. You need to get quality instruction in dressage and over fences (this probably means paying for lessons). You need to read and study and discuss stable management requirements with other pony clubbers, veterinarians, farriers, ect.


Parents: It is important that you support your candidate’s decision to go for a higher rating. Your son or daughter need to know that pass or fail, you are proud of their accomplishments. Sometimes ratings do not turn out like we want them to. It may be a bad day or the candidate needs a little more work in some areas. Please help them know that it is ok to not pass, and support them if they want to try again. Remember that your role is to be a supportive and not a goal setter for your child.